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 Gestolen britse medailles info van OMRS

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Bestuur SKF

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Gestolen britse medailles info van OMRS Empty
BerichtOnderwerp: Gestolen britse medailles info van OMRS   Gestolen britse medailles info van OMRS Empty3/4/2013, 20:02

Dear Colleague
Please see and make a note of the information below. If you have any knowledge relating to either of these thefts please get in touch with the named contact direct.
This notification will appear in the June edition of the Society’s Journal.
Please circulate to anyone I have inadvertently left out.
Kindest regards
Dahlia Harrison
General Secretary

Stolen during a burglary in Hounslow on Sunday 3 February 2013
3681 Gnr P J Thorpe India Medal (1895) with Punjab Frontier clasp (1897-1899); 13927 Pte F Green ASC Kings South Africa Medal 1897-1902; MB650 S A Green Victory Medal; 88111 Gnr P J Thorpe RA Victory Medal; M297920 Pte G E Humphrey ASC Victory Medal; 604463 Dvr J Willis RA Victory Medal; RN 20727 Silver War Badge; RN Sweetheart Badge; 22231478 J G Mountford Korea Medal, UN Korea Medal and HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge. Contact the Chiswick Police – Crime Number 0502371/13.

Stolen from the Masonic Centre in Surbiton during March 2013
Apart from the medal showing ‘St Martin’s Jubilee’, which refers to a London Lodge, all the others refer to the Province of Surrey. They are: Craft: Ditton Founders Jewels: 4143 Primus Master; 4143 Deacon; 4143 Steward; 4143 Honorary Member; Harmony and Progress Founders Jewel 7837 Primus Master; Star in the East Founders Jewel 650; Table Fellowship Founders Jewel 8989 Director of Ceremonies; Badge of Innocence Founders Jewel 8975 Square emblem on ribbon; Lumen Jubilee Jewel Jubilee 4922; St Martin’s Jubilee P.M. 4897 1944-45 (London); Athelstan P.M. 4771 W. Bro. Ernest Saunders + 2 other masters; Athene P>M> 5349 W. Bro. H. H. Gardner 1946-47; Baron Renfrew P.M. 5210 w. Bro. L. W. Glyde 1951-52; Beddington P.M. 5492 W. Bro. Joseph Entwhistle 1950-51; Berrylands P.M. 5695 W. Bro. Winston Alfred Yates; Burstow Link P.M. 6601; Cheyham P.M. 5401 W. Bro. L. A. Smith 1952-53; Composite P.M. 7162 W. Bro. S. W. Johnson 1972-73; Coronation P.M. 5668 W. Bro. Charles Leader 1954-55; Crescent P.M. 5054 55th WM 1981-82; Cyclist Filia P.M. 6409 W. Bro. E. J. Rogers 1964-65; Ember Manor P.M. 4740 W. Bro. E. R. Best 1945-46; Fairfield P.M. 7501 W. Bro. R. J. Feakins 1960-61; Friendship and Welcome P.M. 6495 W. Bro. Albert Hurley 1953-54; Good Companions P.M. 7524 W. Bro. T. Aspin 1964-65; Hindhead P.M. 5183 W. Bro. H. R. Oakley 1958-59; L of Radiance P.M. 6950 W. Bro. P. A. Barber 1951 Founder SW; Michelham P.M. 8502 Octavus; Perfect Ashlar P.M. 6951 W. Bro. A. S. Reid 15 March 1956; Pilgrim P.M. 7265 W. Bro. E. C. Matthews 1956-57; Precision P.M. 5855 W. Bro. Charles M. Read 1962-63 and 5855 W. Bro. David B. Read 1978; Redwood P.M. 3411 W. Bro. P. J. Philpott 1978; Reigate Priory P.M. 4526 W. Bro Wilfred St. G. Chandler 1971-72 and 4526 W. Bro. H. J. Hamblen 1944-45; Saxondom P.M. 6786 W. Bro. D. Ward 1951-52; Southborough P.M. W. Bro. E. E. Seward 1955-56; Surrey Downs P.M. 5851 W. Bro. E. Stannard 1973-74; Turner P.M. 4181 W. Bro. John Bough 1953; Welcome P.M. 5055 W. Bro. Loenard Stevens 1968-68; Weyside P.M. 1395 W. Bro. M. T. W. Moore 1971-72. Royal Arch: Castel Derg I.P.Z. 799 I.P.Z. 1925; St. George I.P.Z. 840 First Principles Jewel – large; Walton on Thames I.P.Z. 6349 Sextus – E. Comp; Beddington I.P.Z. 5492 E. Comp Mathew Henry German 1951-52; Bisley I.P.Z. 2317 E. Comp Horace C. Burgess 3 October 1966; Leodride I.P.Z. 3585 E. Comp A. Y. McInnes 1970-71. Contact: Alan Corb, Curator – 07956 561344.

Les obus et les décorations tombent au hasard sur le juste et l'injuste.

Wie zijn verleden niet kent, dwaalt stuurloos door het heden. Slechts door het verleden te kennen en naar waarde te schatten,
kunnen we met een heldere kijk en de nodige zorg aan onze toekomst werken.
Cit. Lt Gen Coenen, dag van de vakrichting militaire en burgergenie, 12 oktober 2012
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Gestolen britse medailles info van OMRS
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